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Trans-Evol’s 2021 mission in Turkana gets underway!

Lucia Nadal presents results of new study of sexual dimorphism in Paranthropus boisei using machine learning methods @ ESHE2021

First study season at the National Museums of Kenya and Turkana Basin Institute booked!

2021 fieldwork season by new Trans-Evol team, directed by Aurelien Mounier

Applications to study towards the PhD and MPhil Degrees at the University of Cambridge starting October 2022 are now open. If you are interested in working under the supervision of Marta Mirazon Lahr, either as part of NG’IPALAJEM or an independent project, get in touch with your ideas:

NG’IPALAJEM is looking for a Research Assistant. The position will open for applications in October for a start before April 2022. If you are interested in working with Marta Mirazon Lahr and the Ng’ipalajem team as the project’s RA, get in touch with your ideas and CV:, or apply using this link:

 Job description: NGIPALAJEM Research Assistant

Further information: FURTHER PARTICULARS NGIPALAJEM Research Assistant ADVERT

If you are interested in joining Ng’ipalajem’s fieldwork in Turkana, get in touch with your ideas and CV:

October 2021: new surveys and excavations at the site of Kanyimangin (KY), Southwest Turkana, under the direction of Aurelien Mounier @Trans-Evol