TRANS-SAHARA: State Formation, Migration and Trade in the Central Sahara (1000 BC – AD 1500) 



An ERC funded project that investigated the nature and consequences of the inner-connectivity of the Trans-Saharan zone in the Pre-Islamic Period.

PI: David Mattingly, University of Leicester


Marta Mirazon Lahr, Tamsin O’Connell and Ronika Power developed one of the themes of the Trans-Sahara Project – Human Mobility & Identity in collaboration with the University of Leicester.  This sub-project focused on the anthropology of the ancient Garamantes of Fezzan, particularly the study of stable isotopes obtained from the teeth of individuals excavated in the vast Garamantian cemeteries in the Wadi al-Ajal during the Desert Migrations Project by David Mattingly and his team.